Wind Resistant

Jackets with this symbol are made of a special wind resistant fabric that reduces wind chill and provides comfort and support during all your activities. These fabrics have a special coating or lamination that does not let the wind through. Yet the fabric is still breathable and insulating, just what you need for your life on the go.

Water Repellent

Our water repellent jackets are treated with a special finish that prevents rain to easily penetrate. However, for longer contact with water or higher pressure, the fabric might absorb the water. If you need extra protection, check out our water proof jackets.


For effortless travel, the packable jackets are designed with its own packable system. In some styles it is integrated in the lining and other jackets are provided with a separate bag to fold the jacket in.
Light and versatile to easily take with you, keeping you protected during changing weather conditions.


The jackets that are made of stretch fabric have a perfect fit and at the same time, provide extra comfort and support during all your activities.

Reflective Elements

The reflective elements in this jacket reflect light back in all directions to increase the visibility when it is dark.


For effortless travel, our lightweight jackets are perfect. Designed to move freely, carry around easily, but also protect you. These jackets are ideal for your life on the go.


Our breathable jackets are made of a fabric with a special membrane added to the back. This layer allows air to pass through easily, so you stay dry and cool, but is waterproof at the same time. This makes these jackets perfect for unpredictable weather conditions.

Multi Purpose

Our multipurpose jackets consists of multiple layers that can be attached together for extra warmth and weather protection. On warmer days, the layers can easily be detached.Ideal for unpredictable weather.

Responsible Down Standard

RESET only uses down that is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified. All RDS down is sourced from animals that were farmed for the food industry, on animal-friendly – and regularly independently inspected – farms. The down is a byproduct that would otherwise be thrown away.


Our transeasonal jackets can be used to easily layer up or down during all seasons. On its own it is ideal during the transition of the seasons, but when you need extra warmth, you can easily add an extra layer.


Our waterproof jackets are made of a fabric with a special membrane added to the back. This layer prevents water and wind from penetrating the fabric, but is breathable at the same time. By letting a machine melt tape over the seams, we cover the seams and stitching, preventing water from getting through, keeping you dry during your move from A to Z.