About Reset


Reset strives to expand the world of our explorer, by making products and stories that inspire to go outside. We believe that by being outside and through exploring new areas, we have the power to boost our day.


Reset brings protection and smart design to every explorer in urban environments by equipping them for the ever-changing elements, day to day. Our products are made for cold, wind, rain and sunshine, they are optimized for real life, inspired by the people who wear it. We craft every Reset story and product carefully and design it with purpose, by keeping the elements and the different urban environments in mind.

We are always on the go and draws inspiration from cities all around the world. Every season we move and focus on an inspiring city to build our season around. We zoom in on characteristic areas and interesting neighbourhoods and translate that into seasonal colours, materials and product design.

We have established several occasions which all give an insight in what type of moments we create products and content for.



Discovering cities and areas

This mindset catches the feeling of freedom, being active and curious. This occasion is about finding insider hotspots and new cultures. Designed with a sense of flexibility.



Travelling from A to B

This mindset is pragmatic, travelling within the same route repeatedly. It’s about being comfortable and efficient. Designed with specific functions of protection.



Being casually outside

The mindset catches the day-to-day business, maintaining that relaxed vibe. It’s about style meeting comfort. Designed with a sense of style whilst maintaining comfortability.